Dr. Chhavi Gupta completed her Nephrology Fellowship from the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital in 2010.

      She is dual board certified both in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. As a nephrologist she is specialized in treating all the different types of kidney diseases as well as difficult to control Hypertension/ blood pressure.

      She is an expert in Dialysis and also helps evaluate patients for kidney transplant eligibility. 

      She practiced in Fairfax, Virginia before she moved to Tampa and was employed with a nephrology group in Tampa from 2013  to 2015 after which she decided to start her own Nephrology practice. She strongly believes in providing compassionate and outstanding Renal Care to all her patients. She takes the time to discuss and answer questions so that her patients have a better understanding of their health.





     FELLOWSHIP : NEPHROLOGY from University of Miami, 07/01/08- 8/15/10  


     MEDICAL SCHOOL: King George’s Medical University (KGMC). 05/95 - 12/2000



     Nephrology American Board of Internal Medicine, Board Certified Nov 2010 

     Internal Medicine American Board of Internal Medicine,  Board Certified 2008


Awarded the Dr. A.C. Banerjee’s Gold medal in (SPM) Social and Preventive Med. in 1999.

Awarded the Smt. Sushila Devi Bhatnagar’s memorial Gold medal in SPM in 1999.

Awarded a silver medal in SPM in 1999. 

Awarded Honors in Physiology and Biochemistry in the 1st professional exam 1996.

Awarded Honors in Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology- 2nd professional exam 1998.

Awarded Honors in Ophthalmology, Surgery/ Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology in the 3rd  professional exam 1999.




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